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The heart of Wiresmoke is a restoration manager, which will help you restore your classic car efficiently and cost-effectively, saving you both time and money.

Start at the beginning…

A car dismantles into parts, which dismantle into more parts, and so on and so forth. Wiresmoke will handle these layers of complexity effortlessly, right down to the nut, bolt, flange coupling or ⅜ Gripley.

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When you log your parts, you can add pictures and notes, and detail what restorative tasks are needed. Wirespoke can then show you all the parts needing the same work; and in the future link you to suppliers.

…but don't stop.

Your pride and joy is all shiny. But don't disappear! We plan to add community features to Wiresmoke, so you can showcase your work to other members, give and receive advice on restoration and generally chew the fat...