About Wiresmoke.

The founding team behind Wiresmoke combine experience in development with enthusiasm for their hobbies, and have been friends for over 20 years.

Sarah Owens

Sarah is what City types would call the CEO. She keeps the boys in line with charm and years of experience managing projects in large companies. When not working hard, she plays hard, thinking nothing of running 26km before downing a well-earned pint. She drives a green MGF, usually called Ted but on occasion something altogether more Anglo-Saxon...

Mark Johnson

Mark tends to be the one who brings the mad ideas to the table. He has been programming for a hobby for nearly 20 years, more recently developing mobile apps for both Symbian and Windows Phone. When not working or programming, he relaxes by reading, cycling and restoring his Triumph TR7 DHC.

Paul Scott

Paul brings his expertise developing in-house applications for one of the UK's largest home developers to the table. When not working he's a keen diver and amateur pyromaniac fireworks technician. He doesn't have a classic, but he drives a Jag, so it's not all bad.


Whither Wiresmoke?

Many a classic car buff has cursed about the electrics. A large number of the electrical components in many British cars over the years were manufactured by the Lucas company. It is fabled that instead of electricity, the wires of Lucas electrical systems contained smoke. When parts fail, the smoke is released. It is then necessary to replenish the smoke with genuine Lucas wire harness smoke.

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